Hardwood Lining Boards | Architectural Range

Hardwood Timber Lining Boards are a great way of adding warmth and style to your project. The natural beauty of  hardwood timber creates an attractive appearance through its amazing grain and characters. It can be used in the several different projects, whether it’s top shelf architectural projects or lining an entry way to your new home. Either way, you’ll get the right impression that you’re after.

We are able to produce numerous different profiles that are produced with quality precision milling that is dried between 9-14%

You can choose from a rustic looking wall with minimal lines and a large volume of mother natures most attractive natural features. Or you can go for something with sleak architectural lines such as a v-joint or a shiplap.

The choice is yours.

*Photos- Courtesy of Coastal Media – www.coastalmedia.com.au

*Architect- Jim Booth – www.casakoala.com.au

*Builder- FM Glenn – www.fmglenn.com


Beautiful, Natural & Timeless…