High Production Wood Turning | Replacement Tool Handles

High Production Wood Turning is a unique service that we are able to offer upon request whether it is for verandah posts, chair legs, tool handles or for whatever you require. We mill & turn our products from the best quality hardwoods such as Spotted Gum.

We are able to provide a variety of products in various sizes and species. We are now also producing replacement handles for a large number of tool handles including:

  • Axe Handles
  • Broom Handles
  • Claw Hammer Handles
  • Fern Hook Handles
  • Hoe Handles
  • Pick/Mattock Handles
  • Rake Handles
  • Shovel Handles
  • Sledge Hammer Handles
  • Wood Splitter Handles


Contact our Joinery department for more information or a quote.

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