Grade & Specs

Grade & Specs

Flooring is graded during manufacture to Australian Standards resulting in a Select, Standard & Feature grade.

Select Grade: Very Clean in its appearance. The least number of natural features such as pin holes and gum veins.

Standard Grade: Contains a small number of natural features that give you the natural look that only real timber can provide.

Feature Grade: The maximum allowable number of natural features. This floor contains more natural features than standard grade and will give a rustic appearance.


It is important to realize that grading rules do not cover either colour or colour variation, but do significantly influence the appearance, with some grades including more of the character of the trees history with larger gum veins, knots and other features present. In other grades the cleaner natural lines and figure of the timber will dominant with fewer and smaller features present. When deciding on a timber grade ensure that you consider the following:-

  • All trees contain features such as gum veins, knots and past borer activity and such features for many, add to the character and charm of their floor. Therefore when choosing a grade you are simply deciding on how much feature that you desire.
  • The grade has no influence on a floor’€™s fitness for purpose in terms of its manufactured moisture content range or machining tolerance etc. These aspects are the same for each grade.
  • All grades permit some feature and even though it may be named Select Grade€™ some gum veins, knots and past borer activity is permitted.
  • There are grade names associated with Australian Standards grading rules and in other instances flooring manufacturers may have their own grades and grade names. A manufacturer’s grade will not be exactly the same as that in an Australian Standard.
  • How the boards are mixed into the floor both in terms of colour and feature is up to the installer so if you have any specific view on this, you should discuss it with your installer.
  • Also of importance is that different features can predominate in different species. Therefore, two floors of the same grade may appear quite different in terms of the predominating feature and how dominant that feature appears in a floor.

It is therefore important to realize that the overall colour or blend of colour in a floor is dependent on the species or species mix chosen and that the character of the floor, in terms of the features present, such as gum veins, is determined by the grade. If choosing an alternative species from the one originally considered, not only will the overall colour differ but the predominating type of feature may also change. It is important to work closely with your supplier and installer so that they can be clear about look that you desire.

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