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Coffs Harbour Hardwoods is a long standing supplier of power poles and sawn hardwood cross arms to the electricity distribution industry, this has been a core product of our business for over 50 years. We’re proud to be able to supply a number of energy companies good quality sawn timber and power poles to supply electricity throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are also able to supply builders poles and other utility poles to builders and other trades people.

Power Poles can be ordered in both CCA treated and De-Sapped which we supply regularly to the Sydney Rail Network.


Accompanying our poles are our hardwood crossarms which can be supplied drilled and undrilled.

We are able to assist your enquiries for ASP contractors Level 1,2 & 3

  1. Level 1 ASP undertake work to extend the overhead and/or underground electricity network or increase the capacity of the existing network.
  2. Level 2 ASPs install overhead or underground service lines between the electrical wiring on a Connection Applicant’s premise and the electricity network. This includes connecting service lines to the network and making the connection live.
  3. Level 3 ASPs design overhead and/or underground distribution and Sub – transmission network assets.

Marine Piles

We are also able to supply marine piles for jetty’s and wharves in both untreated Turpentine and CCA treated in accordance with 1604.1

If you would like to discuss further call our team on 66492006 and Dial 3 at the prompts.

Desap Pole

Beautiful, Natural & Timeless…