Sawn Hardwoods

Sawn Hardwoods

What is Green Sawn Hardwood?

Green Sawn Hardwood is timber that is cut fresh from the log, straight from our sawmill that is unseasoned. This means that the timber will still contain a high percentage of moisture.

Commercial Use

As a company that has access to some of the worlds best timber here on the North Coast of NSW, we are able to supply some of the best quality hardwood available for large section pieces of timber that can be used in bigger projects such as bridges, wharves and jetties. We regularly supply government departments as well as roads, rail, maritime and electricity authorities.


We have established a good reputation for supplying these products at a high standard and in lengths that not many can match, we buy the best quality logs which allows us to do this.

Builders & DIY

We also supply some smaller scant-ling timber that you may require for things such as bearers and joists for building a deck. Other sawn hardwoods are available from Coffs Harbour Hardwoods on request including stair treads, landscape sleepers and fencing timbers.

Beautiful, Natural & Timeless…