Commonly known as Sydney Blue Gum, this beautiful red timber has a fantastic grain. It is also easy to work, dress and fix. It responds well to most finishes and takes a good polish, making it popular for decorative applications where moderate durability is required.

Poles & Piles

Hardwood Power Poles and Piles

Coffs Harbour Hardwoods is a long-standing supplier of power poles and sawn hardwood cross arms to the electricity distribution industry. This has been a core product of our business for over 50 years. Strength, durability and cost-effectiveness are clearly important attributes

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for this purpose. It’s because of our emphasis on quality of timber and quality of processing as well as top quality service is why we have been supplying a number of energy companies for nearly 6 decades. In fact, our product can be found throughout Australia and New Zealand. In addition, we are also suppliers of builder’s poles and other utility poles to construction and other trades. Power Poles can be ordered in both CCA treated and De-Sapped which we supply regularly to the Sydney Rail Network.

Power Pole Crossarms

Accompanying our power poles are our hardwood crossarms which can be supplied drilled and undrilled. We are able to assist your enquiries for ASP contractors Level 1,2 & 3.

1. Level 1 ASP undertake work to extend the overhead and/or underground electricity network or increase the capacity of the existing network.
2. Level 2 ASPs install overhead or underground service lines between the electrical wiring on a Connection Applicant’s premise and the electricity network. This includes connecting service lines to the network and making the connection live.
3. Level 3 ASPs design overhead and/or underground distribution and sub-transmission network assets.

Whatever level your project is we can assist in providing hardwood crossarms. Our crossarms are of the highest quality and standards.

Marine Piles

We are also able to supply marine piles for jetty’s and wharves in both untreated Turpentine and CCA treated. Along with marine piles we can also supply the structural and decking parts of your marina.

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Coffs Harbour Hardwoods can deliver your timber within the Coffs Coast area. Our trucks are equipped with a crane to unload our beautiful, natural hardwood.

If you would like your timber delivered, we do have to limit where we can deliver due to safety concerns. Please communicate any difficulty with tight roads, steep hills and changes in usual conditions due to inclement weather to our sales team when ordering to enable your timber to be delivered in a careful and safe manner.

Delivery is to kerbside only.

For our wholesale market we can arrange transport interstate where required.

When building in bushfire prone areas it is important to follow the correct guidelines and design methods. A range of prevention strategies has been developed, aimed at diminishing the risk of ember, radiant heat and even flame damage. The Standard sets guidelines for assessing which of six bushfire attack levels (BAL) a site falls into (BAL: LOW, 12.5,19, 29, 40 and FZ) and then specifies additional construction requirements for houses in the more bushfire-prone areas. The goal is to reduce the risk of fire and ember penetration. Fortunately, Australia has several high-density timbers that provide inherent natural bushfire resistance. The seven bushfire-resisting timbers specified in the AS 3959-2009 are tough, dense hardwoods that performed well in extensive fire testing.

These species may be used up to and including a BAL 29 rating.
Blackbutt, Merbau, Red Ironbark, River Red Gum, Silvertop Ash, Spotted Gum, Turpentine.

Other species that we offer may be used up to BAL 19 but please consult with professional advice before selecting the species you wish to use in your locality.

Timber Species

Our commitment to sustainability

Coffs Harbour Hardwoods understands that in an ever changing world that it is important to develop and evolve into a business that accepts that its environmental footprint should be kept to a minimum on our landscape. We are committed to sustainable forestry management and have had a long heritage of not only living and working in the forests of the NSW North Coast but also a practical understanding and love of the bush that inspires a desire to use its resources wisely. Sustainable Forest management (ie not harvesting faster than the forest can regrow and not destroying its ability to maintain its productive capacity) allows the environmental and economic value of the forests to be sustained indefinitely.

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As well as giving desirable environmental and altruistic outcomes, sustainable forest management is good for Coffs Harbour Hardwoods as it allows a continuing forest resource that the company needs for the sought-after products it produces.

Timber and forests are a unique resource in that (unlike the extractive industries and other building materials) timber harvested sustainably will replenish itself and provide significant environmental and aesthetic benefits while it is replenishing. Sustainable forest management can provide society with definite benefits at the same time as providing resources for the timber industry.

Industry and governments seek to ensure that Sustainable Forest Management is achieved by various means including regulations, certification schemes, and codes of practice.

Logs & poles used in producing CHH products are sourced from either:

  • Private property forests that have been harvested under the NSW Code of Practice for Private Native Forestry controlled by NSW Dept of Environment & Climate Change.
  • Forestry Commission of NSW t/as Forests NSW which is certified under the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS Cert No 13761).

Both the above sources use recognised protocols for ensuring timber supplies are from native timber resources that are legally and sustainably managed.

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For generations we’ve provided Australia and surrounding countries with the finest quality hardwood to suit all different aspects of building and construction. We’ve won numerous awards and our brand is synonymous for quality.

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