Commonly known as Sydney Blue Gum, this beautiful red timber has a fantastic grain. It is also easy to work, dress and fix. It responds well to most finishes and takes a good polish, making it popular for decorative applications where moderate durability is required.

Brush Box

Brush box has a fine, interlocked grain and even texture with the heartwood ranging from greyish pink through to a reddish brown, while the sapwood is usually paler in colour. It is free of gum veins. The grain is especially appealing for appearance-based applications such as flooring. It is only recommended for uses internally.

Botanical Name

Lophostemon Confertus


Brush box has poor workability in part due to its density, interlocked grain and the presence of silica. Nailing and screwing brush box may cause splitting.
The silica content can cause major problems for tool edges, while the natural waxiness, known as arjunolic acid, may cause problems with some adhesives but provides a very good base for paints and stains.

Timber Performance

Brush box has been used for decades as a solid flooring product. It’s also great for stairs and balustrades. It has a high density which provides good resistance to splintering and wear.


In-Ground Class 3 | Above Ground Class 3


(Green) 1160 kg/m3 | (Dry) 900 kg/m3


Unseasoned S3 | Seasoned SD3

Janka Rating

9.5 kN

Naturally Termite Resistant to AS3660

Non Resistant

Naturally Lyctus Susceptible


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