Solid Hardwood T&G Flooring

Selecting your floor

Timber has been chosen for centuries as a flooring product. Its warmth and beauty and low anti-static dust properties make it even more desirable today.

Timber flooring is available in many colours of single or mixed species and the floor that you are installing will be unique in character and appearance because there are no two trees the same. For this reason, timber floors are valued much more and have now become the feature of many homes.

Another charm of timber floors is that they are totally natural and with this comes variability. Due to this, there are some things you as the owner need to consider about purchasing the floor and understand about the laying, sanding and finishing. Knowing these things will enable you to enjoy your floor throughout the years ahead.
When you purchase a floor, you will need to consider aspects such as colour, grade, board width and finish.
You have many choices to make, so spend time with your supplier or installer to know and understand your new floor.

Our flooring is graded to different standards, ranging from a floor with many natural features that capture all the character and history of the tree, while other grades contain fewer features to highlight the grain and figure.
Your timber floor may be installed over a few different substrates including concrete slab, ply or particleboard and hardwood battens.

There are a lot of factors that can affect your floors post installation, you should acclimatise your floors to the in-service conditions of your house after the floors are laid. Many factors can affect the performance of a floor post installation, things like air conditioning, big windows that allow a lot of sunlight in, and living close to large bodies of water can all have an effect on your floor. (Please read: Pre_installation_requirements.pdf )

After considering all of these aspects you should now be ready to choose your floor

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