Commonly known as Sydney Blue Gum, this beautiful red timber has a fantastic grain. It is also easy to work, dress and fix. It responds well to most finishes and takes a good polish, making it popular for decorative applications where moderate durability is required.


One of the most popular lighter timber species available. It can be used for many different applications such as flooring, decking and cladding.

Botanical Name

Eucalyptus Pilularis


Blackbutt has an even texture. The grain can be interlocked but it is generally straight, making it appealing for interior use applications such as flooring and joinery. The heartwood ranges from golden yellow to pale brown, although occasionally a slight pinkish colour may be present. The sapwood, which is not always easy to distinguish, is much paler in appearance. Small gum veins may also be visible.

Timber Performance

Blackbutt is a versatile timber and is used for structural, exterior and interior applications. In New South Wales and southern Queensland it is very popular for timber framing but is also used for cladding, internal and external flooring, decking, joinery, landscaping and furniture.


In-Ground Class 2 | Above Ground Class 1


: (Green) 1100 kg/m3 | (Dry) 900 kg/m3


Unseasoned S2 | Seasoned SD2

Janka Rating

9.1 kN

Naturally Termite Resistant to AS3660


Naturally Lyctus Susceptible

Non Susceptible

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